Weapons of Olde

Pyramid- World of Solitaire

Pyramid is different world of solitaire form of game that is available in the world of solitaire. Here the main purpose is to arrange the cards in the form of a pyramid. At first 28 cards are dealt in the form of a pyramid and the rest of the cards are kept in stock from where it is dealt. There are seven rows which contain 28 cards. Numbering of the card is done starting from the ace and ending on king. Thus king has got the highest value of 13.

Player can remove a pair of card if their sum is 13 or can also remove a king at once. But if a card is covered which means an Ace over a queen, then the player must remove the Ace and cannot remove the queen. Cards which are draws from the stock must match with the card exposed. If none of the card is matched then the drawn card goes back to the foundation.

Characters of Boxhead

Gamers will find a character named Bambo. There is a story behind the life of Bambo.

He was once suspended from the army for hitting and destroying an army base unintentionally. While boxhead he was discharged from the army base, he was forced to move out to the US. In US he was harassed by some policeman and finally this results him to end up in jail.

After four years when he was released from the jail, he finally took up the charge of killing the zombies. He has an amazing skill of combatting in the jungle or in the forest. He is the main character of the game and the gamers play taking the role of Bambo. This character is also good in combatting in the urban regions.


Vex is a very interesting game and it loved by the game lovers because it looks simple but vex 2 in reality the difficulty of the game increases with every passing level. So for those who are playing the game for the first time do not get confused by the simple graphics of the game because here are a few tips that will make the game easily playable for you:

* Be careful while jumping because your character cannot make a long jump without losing a life.
* Do not slide from the very long walls as the character might lose its grip and fall.
* Plan your strategy wisely and stay away from obstacles and spikes.
* While swimming, keep the head in the direction you want to go.
By following, these tips that game will become easier for you to play and you can easily control your character. Make the right moves and it will be easy for you to win every level in the game without much effort. Therefore, if you are ready to spend some challenging hours filled with excitement then Vex is the right game for you to play and have fun.

Information about the Trollface Quest 2 and its differences from the Trollface Quest1

The Trollface Quest1 and Trollface Quest 2 are two different trollface quest 5 versions of the game developed by the developer wisely. Both the versions of the game have same principles on which they work. The main aim of the game is that the player has to cross each level without getting harm. Unlike the Trollface Quest1 the second version of Trollface Quest is a little bit tricky and the player has to use all the tips and tricks to pass the levels in the second version of Trollface Quest.

In the second version of the game, the developer has introduced amazing things like the automatic saved. This feature was not available in the first version. You can easily find the previous level and restart your game from that level.

Yandere Simulator – Yandere Chan

Yandere Chan, on the other hand, was a very simple girl until one day yandere simulator she falls for a high-class man known as Senpai. As soon as she met her she falls for her and became desperate to get her.

She has thus developed an utter obsession for the male character and she can go to extreme to her crush. The look of this character is of a girl having black hair and fair complexion. Her date of birth is 1st April and in Yandere Simulator, she is 17 years old.

There are altogether 14 modes of Yandere Chan in Yandere Simulator. The girl is shown in an outfit that we get to see in any Japan school girl. She wore black stockings, navy blue scarfs, and white dresses. Actually, she did not have any obsession for the male character. But it is Info-Chan who has tricked her and convinced her to do the killing of the rivals.

Bloons Tower Defense 3 – Hints

To start the game, place bloons tower defense 5 an object on the path using the mouse, and then click on the Start Round. Keep in mind that you cannot put some of the objects before starting with the game, because they may explode before the bloons appear. Place the mouse on each object to get a short info about the item. If you want to cancel your chosen item simply click the Esc key on your PC keyboard. After you have popped all of the bloons, click an item you want to sell, and the red “Sell now” key.

Stop the bloons as fast as you can in the beginning, because once they escape you will have a hard time destroying them. Save funds for advanced weaponry, you will need them in the higher levels. As mentioned above, you can sold the items that you buy if you don’t need them anymore, but it is not profitable at all, try to play intelligently. You start each level when you have your weapons ready.

However, there are some items which you cannot place before the game starts, since they might explode even before the bloons come out. In each level there are new types of towers that you can unlock. You can see what is left in your money and lives at the top of the game screen. Play intelligently and as much as possible save your towers.

Learn to Fly 2 Added Features

There are various types of equipment in every upgrade. Besides gliders and boosts, there are various types of Payloads and Sleighs. There are lots of ways where you can upgrade your tools. Aside from the regular upgrade, you can also get a Bonus Shop where you can use the Bonus Points you earn. It contains the regular twists that allow features, such as reducing the pull of gravity or you can add 5% to your money on every run. You can also unlock extras like the VHS that enables you to review the cut scenes and you can also change the game audio through music packs. Unlike the old version that offers less tunes, Learn to fly 2 lets you change its BGM genre into Techno, rock, funk and others.

Bonus Points are earned by collecting medals, finishing Story or Classic Mode and by playing Arcade Mode. In the story mode you learn to fly will encounter difficulties and try to get revenge on that annoying iceberg from the first version. Old players of Learn to Fly are familiar with the Classic Mode, wherein the players need to focus on maximizing your flight distance. While in Arcade Mode your goal is to score high so you can earn more for your purchases.

Place to play best Gunblood

Gunblood unblocked online game need to be among the video game titles to play whenever you should have some play gunblood without having considering difficult regarding techniques as well as methods to acquire the game. As one among the preferred taking pictures match, you will discover gunblood match unclogged in numerous Internet sites online. You merely must select the most effective internet site that supplies the sport in top quality.

It is well to decide on a website with flash that is likely to make the gameplay much more positive. After you locate the very best Web page, you could possibly Enjoy the sport directly and also on the web. The internet gameplay will certainly additionally let you make or register for the groups that include your buddies or other players in all over the globe. It needs to be enjoyable because you can struggle your ability to fire in the game as well as come across that the top shooter is.

A guide on some of the best levels in Run3

The first in this list has to be the run 3 purple run which as the name itself suggests is colored full purple! The corridors are colored in a deep shade of purple and when you run through it, you are greeted with a cylindrical hole unlike the basic rectangles in the others. There are some white pixelated boxes which are false stepping and you don’t really fall through them.

Then there is a very difficult level by the name ship escape which is made to look like a ship wreckage scene after hitting an ice berg. It is suggested that the game be played in the running mode and not skating because you may need better controlling.

The alien approval level is characterized by the down coming of the buildings or the corridors. This will not happen just as you begin the game but occur after a few speeds miles being covered.

What are the stages in Red Ball Walkthrough?

As discussed before each version of the game differs from red ball 5 other thus every time you will enter to play you have to invest fresh energy to battle against the new challenges. Basically from the you-tube tutorial the guidelines that you will get to see are pretty linear to understand the motives and the approaches of the game.

The first step will initiate how the balls move from one hanging platform to another platform by making it bopped. The next level will end up to a red flag and to reach there the red ball have to dodge from the hanging ball. As the steps will advance the ball has to manage its safety from the crushing chimneys and from the sharp claws of the axes. Well, almost at the end nearly at the level 15 the ball needs to rob the money. The last step is level 17 where the steps are elaborate and drags the concluding line.